Friday, January 22, 2016


So hard to believe that 1 week ago today I was excitedly looking at my new project at Off the Ocean rug camp.  Also amazing that this was my 17th consecutive camp, I thought it was number 16 but the director and DF Katie Puckett corrected me in a FB post and said no it is number 17 !  WOW, where did those 17 years go.  We've seen her two daughters grow up before our eyes and son literally because he is now 13 and I think was only 2 weeks old during camp #13.  So fun to hear him calling the bingo game with his dad!

There is only 1 other student who has that distinction and 2 teachers who have been invited to teach there for 17 years.  Sibyl Osicka and Diane Stoffel.  I had Sibyl for the past 3 years but it was certainly a pleasure to be back in Diane's class this year after a long absence.  She has color planned some of my very favorite rugs such as my mermaid and my angel runner.  My long time blog followers will know these rugs.

This year she did an absolutely amazing job color planning the William Morris Orange Tree canvas created by Encompassing Designs in Canada.  I should have gotten a photo of my gorgeous pile of wool in traditional William Morris colors.

Here is my progress, doesn't look like much for 4 days of camp.

A closer shot.

Much easier to see the colors on this one.  I was just thrilled to pieces with what Diane did for me on this rug.  Does that mean I will stick to it and keep it going?  Only time will tell - my typical pattern is to put away my new rugs and return to the oldest WIP's I have and continue to try and get them done.  I am so in love with this one - I might just keep going on it while it's all fresh in my mind.
For those rug hookers who might want to know - the wool is all hand dyed by Diane, there are no textures or plaids and it is mostly a 5 cut with some fine detail in a 4 cut.  The canvas is almost square 35 X 36.
Bad Mel - I didn't take a single photo of the rug show.  Somehow it just slipped by me.  On the day of the exhibit - there are always lots of visitors from the area - many of whom are rug guild members who don't attend camp or friends of attendees or family members etc.  So lots of happy interruptions on that day, visiting with friends etc.  If you look for Katie Puckett on FB you will see some photos from camp.
I did take photos of our class "throw down".  At the end of the last day - everyone throws down their rugs to admire and for classmates to take photos.  I missed a few and I apologize to those who are not represented here for any reason other than either the photo didn't turn out or I just couldn't get the shot.
This colorful fun rug was also being worked by a tablemate.  She made great progress.

 This is SaraBeth Black's snazzy flamingo.  He has all kinds of sequins and interesting fibers like hand dyed yarn etc .  She was the peoples choice winner of the rug exhibit this year but sadly I don't have a photo - I know I saw one on FB.  Could have been on Annie Talley's FB.
 This is Annie's owl - it was fun to see this come to life since she sat right across from me. 
 Another tablemate Liz was working on this Welcome rug from her stash and had fun planning a new rug as well.
 Amazing job on these Japanese Chins - so lifelike.  Hope I get to see them finished.
Another cute companion and what a great sunflower

This amazing rug is by friend JoAnne in our local rug guild.  I think she started it last year with Diane.  JoAnne was in Celebration of Rugs this past issue with her gorgeous Victorian Garden rug.  She does amazing work and we can always count on her for C O L O R.

 I fell in love with this Santa rug.  I was so shocked it was a pre-cut kit by Tish Murphy.  I see one of these in my future.  What an amazing job on the faces here.
Another rug guild friend and tablemate Robin was working on this 4 seasons beach rug that Diane designed, drew and color planned for her.  It is closing in on a finish and it was so amazing.  I had to take 2 photos to get it all in there.  The first shot starts with winter.

Hope we see this rug in the show next year.  the last shot ends with summer on the beach.  It was Stone Harbor Beach in NJ.  The sky was simply amazing.
So much talent in this camp.  Every class had amazing works of fiber art going on.  Like one of my needlework friends who doesn't hook said to me - " I can't believe what can be done with a strip of wool."  that is so true !
Well - there is not much stitching going on at my house as winter is really all about the "wool" around my house.  I have a long 2016 challenge list for stitching projects with my EGA chapter so I better nimble up with the stitching.  I even ordered a hexie kit off Etsy because I have been toying with trying English Paper piecing for a while.  One of my hooking friends at rug camp had a whole box of completed hexies and was giving me pointers (evil temptress) and saying how fun and easy it was.  So I thought  sure I can do that !
I am never not knitting - there is something always on the needles.  I started a great KAL with my Bee Eye friends.  Caramel is a free pattern on Ravelry and I have actually found time to cast on. Now I just need to find time to keep knitting on it.  There are always shawls and scarves in progress that need to be finished.
Hope everyone is off to a great start with all their needlework goals for 2016.  In January - the future always seems so bright and there is a wide open year ahead with which to pursue all our dreams.  With that said - I hope all my friends up the east coast are hunkered down with their projects and all stay safe in the winter storm.  The wind is briskly blowing here on the river in NE FL bringing old man winter closer to our area.  With warm and "wooley thoughts" for all I wish you a great weekend !