Monday, March 23, 2009


you know the song - Rainy days and Monday's always get me down! Well that's not exactly true - I just wanted to curl up and go back to sleep this morning when the clock went off at 5am and I heard something that "sounded" like rain. - could it be rain? We have not had any rain in so long - the wildfire threat is coming into the media again and there was a big wildfire in the next county over from where I live over the weekend so I'm not complaining about a little rain. However it sure would have been great if it was not a day that I had to get up and get moving.

Had a nice time at our ANG chapter meeting on Saturday - it was a combined stitch in and meeting at DF Candy's house - Not to say that I got a lot of stitching done - what with looking at everyone's WIP's = talking - eating - talking some more - you get my drift - I finally did thread my needle and take a few stitches. I know I know - where are your WIP photos Mel ??? My blog is so boring compared to other friends who post all kinds of interesting photos for us to drool over. I keep saying I will do better and one of these days I will surprise you with photos on the blog and the boards I frequent.

This Friday my mom and I are heading down to south central florida for a rug hooking workshop. It is held at a lovely family owned inn on a big lake - very picturesque - very relaxing and their restaurant has awesome food. We sprung for a lakeside room with a small balcony overlooking the lake - Hey what a great photo opp - I promise I'll take my camera and try to get a some photos of the rug exhibit or at least my little oriental that will be in the exhibit.

I'm starting the new A&E sampler by Primitive Needle this weekend - incentive stitching on one of the Yuku needlework boards I frequent - I love this design - the deer and the little hedge hoggy critter is the same as the one on my A&E rug. I know you need to see a photo of that WIP too - it's way cool if I do say so myself.

Still raining - still wishing I was stitching or knitting in my chair at home but on the other hand I am very very thankful I have a wonderful job to go to every day.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I have begun to think blogging could be a full time job - I have good intentions of doing more blogging especially when I see and read what others are doing however I refuse to do a lot of computer work at home - I should be doing something else at home right? mainly stitching/knitting or hooking not to mention the never ending yard work, cooking cleaning etc. You get my drift - we all have the same challenges in trying to juggle all the balls and keep life in order and have a little fun along the way.

I was going to post months ago and it was going to be called The Journey of Sarah Marston. Sarah is a little sampler I did several years ago by Essamplaire - it is not even in her catalog any longer or I could not find it in the fall when I went looking for a photo to send to Jane Timmers for an exhibit that the Sampler Guild of Ga was doing this past fall. They were asking members to send smalls or samplers to display in a historic home in Mableton Ga. I have been a member of the guild for a number of years but don't get up there for meetings - I have attended a workshop with them and always hope to do more with them but I thought this was a way I could support the guild. So in October I asked a good friend in the Dixie Chapter EGA to transport little Sarah and also the primitive pocket I made for DF Nancy to Jane for this exhibit. Unfortunately I never did find anyone who had photos of the Mableton exhibit so if anyone reading this blog has photos of that exhibit - please send me some. Sarah and the pocket was on display for a month - I was hoping that I could make it up there but as most of my friends know I had just moved out of my life long home into a new home (new to me) so I was neck deep in projects and feeling financially oppressed which equals no travel in the fall of 08 LOL - anyway to continue Sarah's story - soon after the Mableton exhibit came down - the Magnolia Sampler Guild of which I am also a member was invited to decorate a room at Bulloch Hall which is the ancestral home of the Roosevelts. I was so pleased that little Sarah could continue on her journey and grace the mantle in the "warming room" at Bulloch Hall. I was also pleased to receive this photo from the woman who chaired and decorated this room Sharard Williams.

This piece is framed in one of Cathy Campbells grain painted frames although it's pretty hard to see detail in this photo.

I have more things to post but need to get photos - I got a nice Sony camera from DF Nancy who is a camera buff and had so many she needed to move one out so I bought this one from her in December but have I taken one single photo NOPE - I need to get house photos, WIP photos and even a rug finish photo. Mental note to get that done this weekend LOL

All for now - I'll be back much sooner - until then happy happy