Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I will sing HALLELUIAH with the angels - you won't believe how long I struggled to get these photos to upload to my blog.  I still didn't get the all inclusive "finish" photo but here they are - all 6 of the little angels.
DF Henrietta drew the Angels Watch Over Me wording which I feel just adds to the folksiness of this rug.

The rug was designed by Bea Brock in Texas and the color plan and all the wool was by Diane Stoffel.  It is hooked mostly in a 4 cut with 3 for the facial detail and 5 for the backround.

I can't even say how happy I am to have another good size rug finished.  This one is 46 X 19

I would like to hang this rug over my bed.  I am torn as to whether to try and use a traditional frame moulding or just mount on stretcher bars hang like most rug hookers do.  I'm afraid it will be very expensive to have a frame this big made up but I am going to consult with my framer and see.
I hope all my friends in blogland will rejoice with me.  I won't even say how long I've been working on this rug - let's just say 'years' and leave it at that.  As you know from prior comments - I don't work on any one thing steady and on this one - I was running out of backround and the rug sat idle for almost a year while I was waiting on more backround to finish. Master at the art of dyeing that Diane Stoffel is - you can't tell at all where the new backround started and the old backround ended.  Of course I did blend best I could with what I had left of the old backround.
  I like to work on seasonal things in the season so my rugs get put away and other rugs get pulled out all throughout the year.  One can say I never get bored the way I approach my needlework endeavors.  Thanks as always for stopping by and for commenting on my blog.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Lots to talk about in this post.  I can't believe it's been over a month since I was here to visit with all my blog friends.  Of course providing any of you are still reading my blog !

I have been futzing around trying to get these photos uploaded all week - starting Monday and here it is Friday - well not continually mind you but every now and then when I got a chance.  (sigh)

I wanted to show you what October beans look like both shelled and in their shell - WHY?  Who cares - well I guess I do - it is very exciting for a city girl like me to go to a farm stand and the best one we know is Osage Farms in Dillard Ga in the North Ga. mountains.  We always hit it coming home from our trips to the Smokies and that is really what this post is all about.  Our recent trip to Gatlinburg Tenn .

Gorgeous colored bell peppers cut right off the bush that morning, still wet when we picked them out of the bin . they may find their way into a chili pot this weekend !
 Another shot of my shelled out October beans,  those are in the pot cooking today !!!!
Wonderful heirloom tomatoes - I know the purple one is called Cherokee Purples but don't know the name of the red one.  So much for the veggie showcase !
 Here is a shot of my dear parents sitting outside the Pottery Mill Café in Pigeon Forge Tenn.  It was a glorious day to be outside and actually the ONLY day we had sun on our whole vacation.  It was rainy and dreary the entire time.  They have all sorts of shops in the complex and one of our favorite is the Old Mill Kitchen Shop.  We always buy a case of jelly/jam/preserves all locally made.  Syrups, stone milled grits from the mill AHHHH - its a great shop.  I love the Mill Pottery shop - I have so many things from there in my pottery collection now.  If you ever get a chance to visit this complex - the Old Mill complex - do it !!!  their landscaping alone is worth the trip !
 Another shot of my folks on one of the dreary days - this is at another favorite spot - the Wild Plum Tea Room in Gatlinburg.  My DH doesn't relish eating at tiny tables and perching (as he calls it ) on café chairs so we left him at the condo that day to enjoy some quiet time.  We had a great lunch and went to the needlework shop and other things he doesn't enjoy doing.

DH outside the Old Mill Pottery Café - I tried to get him to mimic the little scarecrow but he didn't go for that !

One of the really fun things DH and I  did was drive up to Sevierville to have lunch at another great café - Bistro 109 and part of my logic was to visit the Cherry Pit Quilt Shop next door.  It was voted one of the 10 best quilt shops in the US by the Better Homes and Gardens Quilt Magazine.  I can see why - CUTE CUTE shop and the ladies working there were very nice and friendly.
 Sorry I didn't take more photos - I actually almost forgot to take any photos there.  As I said another rainy dark day and I wasn't thinking "photo ops".  They were loaded with beautiful fabrics and models ALL over the shop.
 As you can see - it is on a little narrow downtown street with brick storefronts.  They actually take up two spaces with the Bistro next door.  It was really fun and while I am not a quilter, I keep threatening to try the hexies and I did buy a little charm pack of fabric and a yard of backround fabric to try me some hexie goodness.
 I think the charm pack is by Primitive Traditions, the backround is some civil war print maybe by Barbara Brackman but I  looked at so much stuff I am probably confused about that.  They had great gifty and prim items too and this is a cute wooden painted coaster set in little wooden holder - it reminded me so much of Liberty Hill and I have a vast collection of LH so it will fit right into my house.

The other anticipated adventure while in Pigeon Forge is always a visit to Dixie Darlin' cross stitch shop.  The owner of this shop Cindy is also the designer behind those adorable sled designs "Foxwood Crossings"  I'm so glad Cindy is doing so well with her designs - I have known her and been shopping at her shop for at least 20 years (maybe it just feels like 20 years LOL)  I always find stuff - one good thing about her shop is that if she displays a model - she has everything you need to complete that piece and usually it is in stock unless it is just sold out.  Couldn't help but add Luna by Miribilia from the pixie collection I believe.  I have one other of these designs that I have pictured several times on my blog that my dad stitched for me.  I was just so enamored with the milk chocolate linen - I almost knocked my poor mom off her feet when I spotted this on the wall.  (just kidding ! but I really did a quick reach over her head for it )
Another purchase was the new BBD Peace Rose - I think a Reward of Merit design.  I also bought one of these new little LED lights which will run off batteries.  It folds up compactly and sometimes you just need another light - right?

Here is another new BBD I got from Inspired Needle last month.  I couldn't wait to start it on my trip.  It doesn't look like I got much done but it was actually more tedious than I expected on 35ct  WDW Tin Roof linen with the C/C Black Coffee.  Cute design - I will persevere.

I also put in some time on this Scarlett House design that I actually started last year and of course promptly put away after the fall season.  It is the Button Eyed Cat and I got a little more done on it.  I am enjoying this one on 30ct - boy my eyes are really getting worse and I find that I am enjoying the 30/32 ct linens more.

 What fall vacation is complete without a visit to the pumpkin patch??  This is my dear mom showing me a pumpkin she thinks I should buy.  This patch is also at the Osage Farm.
 One last shot , I promise no more veggies in this post !!!!!!!!
Well blog friends - I am simply amazed that I actually have this post done.  I can't believe it's been over a month since I posted on my blog.  I also can't believe October is already 1/2 over - it's my very favorite time of the year.  We are actually getting a little cooler temps down here in the deep south, might be in the 50's for the next 3 mornings and only in the 70's for the highs.  At least the humidity is somewhat better.  I sure hope to visit you again before turkey time comes.  Hope you are all enjoying brilliant color and a fabulous fall season.  Thanks as always for visiting and commenting on my blog.