Friday, January 31, 2020


The first month of the new decade has flown by in a whirl of activities.

Most exciting thing I do every Janaury is Off the Ocean rug camp which is held in Orange Park where I live.  It's nice to be a commuter and sleep in my own bed every night.

I had one of my favorite teachers again this year - Diane Stoffel.  I revisited a rug I started in 2018 and never worked on since.  It is the Strawberry Thief, a William Morris pattern and the rug was from Encompassing Designs in Canada.

This photo is were I left off 2 years ago but I believe I did get the right thrush finished before I put it away.
 This photo is where I ended up after camp this year.  I feel I made great progress on it in 4 days.  I am loving the color plan but then that is why I keep coming back to Diane year after year.  Her wool is just stunning and she has the most outstanding eye for where to place the colors.  This rug is done almost entirely in a 4 cut - maybe a few details in a 3.  The colors you see are about all the colors in the rug.  Everything else is many shades of green for the foliage the thrushes are rummaging thru looking for strawberries.  It's a lovely rug and I am so pleased.
 Halleluiah - my Adam and Eve cube stool was beautifully finished by my DF Katie Puckett.  I had done 3 of the seams and then got scared about fitting it over the wooden base and padding the base and all the details of making it work.  Here is the Adam panel in the rug exhibit at Off the Ocean

the Eve panel is probably my favorite - you can see her reaching for the apple in the serpents mouth.   Lots of glare from the strong sunlight in the gallery where the rug show is held.  You can see the tail of the snake on the Adam photo above really well.  This stool pattern was purchase a long time ago when Kim Nixon was still alive.  We had her leave 2 sides of the stool blank and Katie adapted motifs from the A&E antique sampler Jane Atkinson throughout the 4 sides for me.  Even has the burning bush on her side of the stool.
 The little deer and oversized flower , more motifs from Jane Atkinson.. Oh and I won 2nd place in a lovely exhibit for the fine cut division.  My friend Katie presented the prize.
 The lovely shell rug was the first place winner in fine cut, hooked by my dear old friend Sara Beth Black who is a native of Jacksonville.  She has won many time before with her lovely work.
Not sure whose rug that is below hers on the floor.
 This is the 3rd place winner in fine cut - a Carla Gerard rug co-hooked by friends Nan and Joanne.  it is so colorful.  Joanne is known for her love of bright colors.  I am really proud that 3 of us "locals" so to speak cleaned up in the fine cut division.
I wanted to get this post done before January hit the history books.  I've been knitting a lot and hopefully next post will have some progress photos of shawls I have been working on plus my fair isle cowl.  I enjoy reading all  your comments - please do pop in and tell me how January has been for you.  See you in February !