Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is a time to remember everyone who has served our country and fought for the freedoms we enjoy today. Lots of people just enjoy a day off from work to cook out or shop the sales or spend time with family and friends. How many people actually remember to thank God and our service men and women for laying their life on the line every day to protect our liberty. What about the veterans and those who have fought on foreign soil and died fighting for our freedom.

I also give thanks to our police and firemen - they fight the fight in every city, town and village in the US every day - protecting us from what seems like a war right here in our midst. The city where I live seems to have murders every day - children being hit by stray bullets - teens killing teens in street wars - So I give all the praise and credit in the world to police officers who step out of their cars into danger every single day.

Wow - need to lighten up a bit but I just needed to say that!!!!!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Memorial Day!

Now on to the fun stuff - I have been having a little fun lately - earlier in May - I took a class with the Blackbird Design gals at a local quilt shop. They taught 3 classes but I only took the cross stitch class which was a paper covered box which had a little pin pillow in it and a scissor fob. It was great being with Barb and Alma - they are so creative - I would definitely take a class from them again.

The following day I went down to Treasure Island Fl with a guild friend and took the Sampler Huswif class from Ellen Chester of With My Needle. I have had a class with Ellen before and she is always a pleasure to take a class from. I had the good fortune to be invited to stay with a friend on Treasure Island and her lovely home was filled with antique and reproduction samplers. She hosted a small group including Ellen and Tom Chester for dinner on Fri night and what a great time we all had. Saturday after class Beth opened her home to the class participants if they wanted to come and see her sampler collection. It was a great weekend and a most memorable time on Treasure Island.

Not much rug hooking going on but that is pretty typical of me in the summer - I cut way back on my hooking when hot weather arrives. Our rug guild had it annual hook in the end of April at the TPC Senior Center in Ponte Vedra Beach Fl and that was a great day - Got quite a bit of hooking done that day on the Antique Blue Basket - An older WIP of mine - something that needs to be finished up but probably won't get finished this year - it is a very large rug - about 3' X 5' - I took a round of classes from our local rug hooking teacher earlier this year and continued to work on my Adam & Eve cube stool cover - it is completely done now - revision wise and Katie did an awesome job mimicing the elements of an antique sampler that I love called Jane Atkinson. I'll try to show a WIP photo of that piece soon.

Knitting - oh my - I am so dysfunctional - I hop from this to that and just don't get much done. I took a class in May at a LNS - actually she called it a Knit A Long and the pattern was for the cover of the spring/summer Vogue Knitting. Mine is in a lovely chocolate brown and I have not knitted a lick on it since the weekend I started it. Last weekend we were at St Augustine beach and I visited the local shop down there - she had some lovely summer yarn from Filatura called Dusk and I started a cute summer top - it is easy 12 row pattern and I am having a great time with it. Already have about 10 in. done in 8 days.

Needlepoint has been slow too - however I do want to show photos of a lovely needlecase from a class I took last year with Carole Lake and our local ANG guild. I have to admit that my friend Nancy did most of the stitching on this case - All I did was the double fan double stitch on the back of the case and the border around it - Nancy did the rest - it was her generous and wonderful suggestion that we give this to my mom for mothers day as a joint gift. I had the case professionally finished and bought a lovely pair of Dovo scissors to compliment the case.

So - have a great Memorial Day friends! Hope you are spending the day doing whatever you love to do!