Thursday, June 23, 2016


Hello blog friends !

in struggling for a blog post title - I came across *jaded* - I use that word a lot but I didn't really realize it also meant 'lacking enthusiasm' .  Gees - that describes me perfectly today. 

First few days of summer and it feels like August to me.  It's been incredibly hot here in the deep south with record high temps already.  I'm already tired of summer and it just came the other day. 

I'll try not to be too much of a Debbie downer in this post but a lot of negative things have been happening around my house.  2 weeks ago my DH cut his arm pretty severely on a yard tool and we ended up in ER all day.  Stitches are out but he and I both were really shaken up by the accident.  I've never seen so much blood in my carport and kitchen.  Took me 40 min to get home to get him to the ER.  He did a good job of tying off the wound but not before he bled thru 2 tshirts, 2 bath towels and was on his 3rd by the time I got home.

Yesterday I was told I needed a root canal and crown - the first in my life and from the cost of it - I hope the last !

On a much happier note - I recently had a "FAYE" day where I got a fabulous box of finishes from Faye of Carolina Stitcher fame.   I happen to have the neatest dad in the world - he stitches all kinds of things for my mom and I - BIG things that I would have a hard time finishing.  For a surprise at Christmas time - he gifted me this wonderful Shepherds Bush stocking.  YIPPEE - Oh yes - I have 1 or more of these patterns in my vast stash but have I ever gone beyond a few stitches on one - ummmm- nope!  Isn't this a beautiful finish from Faye!

Here is the lining fabric and silk for the backing.  All Faye's own choices of fabric.  AWESOME!  I love it and so did my folks.  Now my mom is getting on the stocking list.

This is Big Fish by Carriage House Samplings - poor fishy has been finished for years.  I even had a beautiful piece of wool stashed with him.  I planned to do the rustic finish similar to what Kathy had on the chart cover.  Faye worked her magic and made a wonderful prim finish with chenille to match the wool.
look at the awesome detail on the hanger.  Such a simple but effective finish for my fishy.

When I saw this "sleeping bag" for projects on stretchers or scrolls a few months back on Faye's blog - I knew I had to have one.  As an avid needlepointer - I am always hauling around a small piece of np on a frame.  What could be better than a matching project roll.

Perfect fabric choices as well.  How did Faye know my favorite color was green!

Here is the inside of the project roll and again - just such attention to small details that really make such an impact.

This dear design has laid around for 3 or 4 years - nothing ever struck me as to how to finish it off.  Oh it would be a good pin pillow or flat fold finish but WOW - is this ever a great use of this little piece and looking at these photos are just brightening up my mood.  I don't get many finishes and sometimes that is depressing in itself but getting this box from Faye really made my day.
In my last post - I mentioned that Camp Loopy was about to start on June 1st.  I can't believe this is the 5th summer I've participated in this fun virtual camp with  The Loopy Ewe.  Sheri the owner is one of the best online marketers I've ever seen.  I love buying from TLE even though sometimes its tricky with colors.
Well TA DA - I finished my first CL project well ahead of the 6/30 deadline.  This is just a crappy scrunchy photo when it was still on the needles.  This is Antarktis by Janina Kallio.  Janina is a Finish knitwear designer.  What better place to live and be a knitter than in Finland.  For some reason I have become enamored with her designs.  I guess because it's so dang hot here - the light airy look of her designs just make them more appealing for our climate.  Her designs can be found on Ravelry for the knitters out there but I linked to her blog.  take a look at her beautiful studio space, wow!  Wish I could visit there.  In my typical fashion to try and always use a "new to me" yarn for Camp Loopy, this is Sweet Georgia Bulletproof Sock.  It was a blend of about 4 fibers.  Interesting but not quite my cup of tea.  It's blocking now so my opinion may improve when I see how it blocks out.

 Here is another Janina design called Herald.  I bought this yarn at the new LYS Yarn Cow.  I saw someone post on Rav this same exact yarn and colorway who did a Herald and it was gorgeous.  I instantly knew this was a good fit for this lovely skein of Louisa Harding wool blend.
I hope this now happy post finds all my blog friends well and enjoying a little summer crafting bliss.
It's vacation time, it's summertime and the living is easy - or so they say.  I'll keep repeating that and see if I can absorb that good karma.  Until we meet again - have a lovely summer season doing what you love to do.