Tuesday, November 12, 2019


What's notable about November - well I have a few finishes to show - STITCHED finishes no doubt! 
No knitting finishes but getting close on Odyssey.  This is another Joji design.  It uses Emma's DK yarn which is dyed here in Florida.  Four Purls is a wonderful family affair with husband JD and wife Laura who are very active in the business.  Two daughters Emma and Aspen doing the dyeing.  They have about 4 or 5 yarn bases now and scrumptious colors.  You can just see the Kale green 3rd color peaking thru the edge.  This is not as mindless as it looks.  There are big "eyelets" which are not easily seen in this photo that have presented some counting problems.  It's getting really heavy now and I'm wanting to use it during our very short "shawl" season.  Although DH is eyeballing this one, he keeps commenting how "manly" the color combination looks.  Rich autumnal colors but yes may be construed as "manly".  We may have to have joint custody of this one!
 Every fall I seem to get in high gear with finishing things I have been plodding on all year or maybe pulled out from the archives and decide to finish.  One reason of motivation is that our duClay EGA chapter has a challenge every year.  It's a fundraiser for the chapter so you "bid" against yourself that you will finish this item or that item and maybe it's new and hasn't been started yet or it's a UFO you want to finish.  Sammy is part of the Sourpuss pumpkin series of 6 from Melissa Shirley Designs and a stitch guide was provided with the canvas.  I pretty much used the stitch guide.  You can't really see it too well but there are some "wooley" details which I loved adding to a needlepoint canvas.  All my long term blog friends know I am a rug hooker and I have wool coming out my ears.  It was fun rummaging thru my stash looking for the perfect nose color and the cheeks are quilled wool.  The eyes have cogs for the pupils and the nose has little beads.  FUN FUN!!!!!!  I don't know if I will attempt to finish him myself or if I will send to a finisher.
 Another very small finish.  This is from The Needlepointer in Washington.  It is a Pippin Design and was a 3 part Heart club series.  Stitch guides and threads were included.  I have one more to do.  I did do the finishing myself on this one.  Too bad my "messy ruched" edge doesn't really show up in the photo.  I just enrolled in a new 3 part spider series so next year we'll have some of those to show next fall.
 I've seen lots of Country Cottage Glitter House series being stitched and shown on blogs and FB.  This is my first one finished and I hope to start another one soon.  I was attracted to them from the first glance - I like the pale demure colors for Christmas.  I sent this to a new finisher - Starry Night Studio - I am very pleased with the finishing.  I sent my own fabric and we chose the ribbon and cording colors together.  I will definitely be using Alissa again.
 Another Country Cottage Needlework design called Time for Tea - Beautifully finished by my DF Devon.  Devon is very talented and creative with finishing, great knitter and rabid stitcher.  She has a new floss tube Cottage on Cherry Creek Way . Devon also does lovely bags and charms etc and sells on Etsy under the Strawberry Lane shop.  I have very little time for floss tube watching but I do try to pop in on Devon's a few others.  I work full time and I try hard to stay off the Ipad when I get home so I can actually pick up a needle or two before my eyes give out.

I picked out this lovely batik fabric and it matched perfectly.  This was a birthday gift for DF Carol R.  She and I both share a love of stitching and tea and I knew she would love this design.
Well friends - I'm sorry I completely missed posting in October.  That is one of my favorite months of the year.  We haven't had much fall but November has been a little more seasonal  and I am loving the cooler weather.  Hopefully I'll be back soon with another post before Christmas.  Until then - I hope your are all having a lovely fall with many happy stitches.