Thursday, March 30, 2017


I'm quite sure March Madness means basketball playoffs to most people but to me it means an incredibly insanely busy month which is now almost gone !

I just can't believe Saturday is April 1st .  however put on your seatbelt - summer is coming, blink your eyes and it will be Christmas again!

Many people have asked about our home repairs - NOTHING has been even started yet.  I see tons of tarps in our area so I guess we aren't alone.  We are dry and safe and we are OK.  I think maybe they will be starting in April, soon it will be 2 mos.

On to the fun stuff !

This is the 1st Snow Place like Home piece stitched on PTP Crystal linen in Pink Sorbet.  It was suggested by Cathy - owner of Inspired Needle.  She has awesome taste and helps me change out suggested linens and I always love what she picks.  Her model stitcher has already finished this series by Country Cottage Needleworks on the same linen - we shared the piece.  I'm SO jealous!
It was a fun stitch but I have to move on.  There are many things to stitch on my EGA chapter's challenge this year.
 Very little rug hooking going on at my house but I am determined to finish the A&E cube stool cover this year!  Here is a good shot of Adam AKA Bon Jovi under the tree of life that took my whole life to hook.  Each leaf is outlined in a 3 cut and filled with a 4.  I'm about to skip up to a 5 cut on that background.  that is all I have left - the background and zig zag border at the bottom.
 Here is lovely Eve, grabbing for that apple.  This rug was adapted for me by Katie Puckett of KISS rug hooking studio.  She adapted it from an antique sampler and of course updated A&E and the whole feel of the rug.  She did some of the dyeing for me but a lot of the wool is from my stash.
 Had lots of fun in an embellishment class down at Needle Orts with Julia Snyder.  There was also a really wonderful and fun beading workshop.  I chose two small Whimsey and Grace ornaments for the class from her newly released William Morris collection.  I'm sure you can recognize the Strawberry Thief.  Too bad you can't really see my wonderful beaded strawberries and stacked lazy daisies.  I needed a closer shot but you'll be seeing more of this guy.  Debbie at Needle Orts has walls of threads - tons!  so it was easy for Julia to find neat things to use.  She pulled a lot of her new fiber called Fine Kid which is YEP - you guessed it a 100% kid mohair.  I'm using it on both the birds - the other canvas is similar but has a different color bird.  Being the "woolwoman" - the more "wooley" goodness , the better for me.  I will also get to use more of my new found beading knowledge on this canvas.  What a great weekend in Altamonte Springs.
 And there was basketmaking with duClay Chapter EGA.  DF Suzy led this basket making experience.  Let's just say Suzy did a lot of hand holding thru this project.  She was awesome.  I love my little basket but I think this will be my one and only foray into basketmaking.  I have too many irons in the fire anyway to branch out into something else.  I will always treasure it and the great times we have with our friends in EGA.  Our chapter does a lot of things just to experience them in "taste of " workshops.  Some things you love and want more and some things UMMMM - not so much!  it's a good way to try things out like Crewel and not have to take an expensive class.
Speaking of EGA - we are having a class with a great teacher in April.  Janeann Sleeman is teaching this darling Blue Bunny canvas by Melissa Prince Designs.  Janeann designed the stitch guide just for us.  Gotta love that ! We feel very special. However the stitch guide will be available from MPD thru your LNS.  The kit supplies were carefully collected by our friend Cathy at Inspired Needle.  We can't wait to see what the Easter Bunny is bringing us.

Not much knitting going on at my house.  Can't say why - guess I'm saving myself for Camp Loopy 2017 which will begin on June 1st.  This is Winter Solace - I showed the lovely Blue Sky yarn in my previous post.  It is two colors but so faint a difference it looks like a shadow but there is a silver gray and an ecru.  Wish now I'd have gotten more distinct colors but oh well - it really is pretty in person.

I could have shown market purchases like so many other bloggers did.  I really didn't buy a lot and not many "specials" or limited items.  I kept my promise and didn't buy any large samplers not that there weren't plenty of lovely ones out there.  There is just not enough time or dedication in my world for me to get them done.  I really think I am lucky to get the small stuff accomplished these days.
I knew I better hurry and put together a post or March would be hopping away.  I've done a whole post and not complained about the weather but here goes,  IT"S HOT !  upper 80's all week this week - WAY too hot for spring.  Easter is late this year and by the time mid April comes along I guess it will be cracking 90 in the deep south. 
I hope you are all enjoying Spring in your own sweet way.  I love hearing your comments, thanks for
popping in and saying Hi !