Friday, April 10, 2015


Seems like I am always bemoaning how fast time flies by.  Here it is April 10th already and my birthday is looming in the not too distant future.  You know what they say "Another year older and what have you done"?  I actually think that is a line from a John Lennon song I always found to be sad.  Well - here is one thing done!  the first in the LHN Sampler tree ornament series expertly and creatively finished by Faye over at Carolina Stitcher.  Faye can work magic with anything you send her.  I just gave her free rein to do anything she wanted on finishing this ornament and she did a beautiful job.  Sorry about the lack of detail but all the designers say not to show big photos where their work can be copied and plagiarized.  The ornament is sitting on a new prim project bag Faye also made me with fabric I provided - a Moda line but I don't remember the name.  Beautifully done Faye, I can't wait to get more ornaments done to send to her. 
 Here is the back of the ornament - look at the sweet little wool heart she appliqued on the back.  Such lovely special touches from Faye's imagination.
 Can't remember if I showed this Laura J Perrin needlepoint piece before or not.  It is a SAL in our duClay EGA chapter.  I am farther along than this but didn't have a recent photo and needed more blog fodder for this post.  This is a freebie on the Rainbow Gallery website and uses only 4 of their threads.  I had never used Neon Rays + before and I have to say I like it very much.  It' is finished with some bead accents as well.
Here is another photo of my oldest rug WIP - Bunnies at Play -  A heavily altered Warren Kimble design.  Check my previous blog post if you want more detail.  I am still working on the "dirt" border and digging up some carrots.  I am still thrilled at how amazing this wool is for the "dirt" and carrots.  Dianne Kelly really did a super job on this color plan and I think I said before this was her very first camp teaching assignment and my very first "away" camp.  We have enjoyed each other many times since then and I am delighted to call Dianne my friend.  I have moved on to the other side of the rug and my 3rd and final bunny.  Who knows - 2015 just might be the year it is finally finished!
In the springtime - I love to get out all my bunnies and spring things.  Here is another canvas that my friend Katie Puckett drew for me and Dianne Kelly color planned.  It is a tangled bunny tote - that is my name for the canvas - it doesn't have a name but he is running thru a tangle of wonderful paisley vines, I have some green put in on the other end - too bad my photo just focuses on the bunny but isn't he sweet.  I think I can finish up the bunny in another sitting.  He can stay out and play for a while longer but soon - all the patriotic things will come out and the bunnies will go to sleep for the hot summer season.
I can't believe I didn't get a WIP photo of my LHN Queen of Hearts - The queen finally has a head, I am back on the checkerboard and I am seriously thinking of cutting it off there.  I'm not sure I need the wording to make my world complete.
Here's the photo - what do you think ?  I guess without the wording - it might not be apparent who this lovely queen is so maybe I better include the wording and the bottom border.  I've already been collaborating with Faye about finishing for this one too so I'm anxious to finish.  I see this as a seasonal piece for February so I am just not interested in spending the money for that lovely frame.
Hope to come back here to see you all again soon.  Just have to give a welcome to my new followers - I appreciate you one and all and I love hearing your comments too !