Friday, August 08, 2008


WOW has it ever been hot here in NE FL - I was in Savannah last Friday and also again on Wednesday and they were having 100+ temps up there - EGADS - that is REALLY hot -

Tomorrow I am hosting a little party at my new house for my dear friends who have August birthdays. There are 5 of them and one of them is my dear mom - she is part of our stitching and hooking guilds so she will be there too. After relaxing with some snacks and stitching we will go to a high tea at a local establishment. Should be a memorable day for my friends. This is be my first attempt at entertaining in my new home. I don't have everything exactly like I want it since I have only been in the house for one month but things are at least presentable. The room I am going to use as my studio is a grand mess - there are bags and boxes everywhere but I do have my primitive cabinet set up with my rug hooking stash and projects. So at least one thing is complete in that disaster area. Maybe one of my friends will bring a camera and I can post some photos of the festivities.

Until then . . . . . happy stitches!