Wednesday, October 31, 2018


LONG LONG time since I came to visit in blog land.  I simply can't believe 2 mos have flown by since my August post. 

Actually September was a hard month for me - I had an infected cyst in my back that caused other infections in various places in my body and I have officially taken more meds in the last 8 weeks than I have in my whole life.  I was really sick - literally sick  of being sick.  I don't want to be overly dramatic because I know there are many people battling cancer and various other horrible illnesses and also caring for people with Alzheimer's and other hideous diseases so I have no right to complain.  However I will say that I am glad summer is over and the personal battles with infections are over and I thank God every day for my blessings and my health.

Let's start off by welcoming fall with a new wreath from Rachel's Farmhouse in MacClenny.  Fun place with lots of reproduction primitive furniture and these hand cut tin pieces like the pumpkin in my wreath.
More lovely new fall things.  This mohair squirrel was made by Billie Cudney, a folk artist from Kentucky I think - I bought both this and the Prairie Schooler pumpkin off Early Worke Mercantile.  I've gotten so many great folk art pieces off this site.  They publish new offerings on the 1st (so pop out there tomorrow) and the 15th. 

 A finish that has been lingering around for over 2 years.  this is a big shawl , well over 1000 yards - Jujuy by Joji for any knitting friends out there.  It's worked in Madeline Tosh Merino Light in 3 colorways.  I got tired of the blue which is in the center section and just put it down for at least 9 mos to a year.  Picked it back up in April and was determined to get it finished.  I worked on it off and on and not much during the summer because I was busy knitting my Camp Loopy projects.  I do love it and am glad it's a FFO !
The biggest news I guess is my A&E rug finish.  WOW - I don't want to say but I might as well say because my long term blogging friends will know I have been working on this rug for a decade or more.  Bear in mind that I put this down for months and sometimes years at a time.  Other rugs and other needlework grabs my attention and lovely things like this A&E rug go unloved.

For any rug hookers out there - this is hooked mostly in a 4 cut with details in a 3, I was using a 5 on the background but then when I got to the ground on the bottom and the ecru background I moved to a 6 cut.

The rug was designed by Kim Nixon who passed away a number of years ago.  When we ordered the rug we asked that 2 sides of the rug would be left blank.  Her original included Adam riding on a dove or bird and some geometric patterns on the other 2 sides we left blank. 

 My dear friend Katie Puckett did extensive re-working on this rug fashioning it after a 1800's antique sampler called Jane Atkinson.  Most of the motifs were adapted from that sampler.
 I believe tree was on 2 sides of Kim's rug - I think we redid the top with all the leaves.
 each leaf is outlined with a 3 cut and yes it took years to do those leaves.  Literally .........
I started on the top from what I recall, the snake was fun to do - The wool was mostly from my vast stash.  However Katie did dye the blue to ecru background and I know the tree wool and some of the leaves were from my Diane Stoffel stash, I think the A&E bodies was from Diane's wool.  This is going to be a cube stool cover.  I took a workshop last year to learn how to finish it - too bad I didn't have the hooking done so I could have finished mine in class.  I'm always a day (or year)late and a dollar short !  Anyway - this is my monumental finish of the year for sure !

This is my August Camp Loopy finish.  It was a gift to a DF and it is a pattern called Amery.  You can't see much detail because it's almost a black yarn - Malabrigo Rios in a color called Pearl Ten.  It has a very wide ribbing - I have this shawl I made for Camp several years ago in exactly the same colorway.  My friend always remarked about it when I wore it so I thought I'd make her one.
Just to prove I do still stitch - here is a long term project call 6 Fat Snowman by Lizzie Kate.
I keep it at work and if I get stuck there with troublesome backup projects etc. I might pull it out and do a few stitches here and there.  It's on 28ct antique cotton by R&R.  I love the bright happy colors.  Panel #3 is almost finished and then on to the next.  One of these years - it will be finished too !

I figure my life is just a journey thru time with my needlework.  I hope the joy my needlework gives me is represented here on my blog which I've been doing for over 10 years.  I'm very blessed to have many friends who do some type of handwork, knitting, rug hooking, quilting, hand sewing etc.
We all mark the passing of time thru stitches.  I hope the fall season is giving you lots of pleasure, the drinking of your favorite hot beverage, the color on the trees (well not here but some where) cooler temps ( yes we've gone from record highs in the 90's to pleasant breezes in the 80's but I'll take what I can get ) and the coming of favorite holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Since I never had any children - we don't do much for Halloween - as a matter of fact - I'm still sitting here watching the sun set in my office.  However you celebrate the coming season - I hope it's a great one for you!  I promise - I'll see you again soon.  Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog.