Monday, May 20, 2013


Happy Monday to all my blog friends!

I've finally updated my blog face - several have asked about this bird.  Isn't he lovely - he is on one of my WIP hooked rugs.  He is supposed to be a Tropical Pigeon according to Sybil Osicka who did the color plan for it and she is quite the animal expert.  I love how he looks and one of these days I will get back to this beautiful crewel rug.

This post is just going to be a bunch of photos showing what I've been up to in May.  What I haven't been up to is stitching - hardly NO sampler stitching in the past few weeks (maybe months) - oh yes I am still working a little here and there on several projects but nothing significant enough to show any progress shots.

What I have been doing is a lot of crocheting.  This is the granny square afghan I mentioned in the last post I promised to show you.  It is growing and growing because that is about all I have been doing is working on this mindless but colorful fun project.  It is Noro Aya which is a DK weight for any knitters out there.
Since I have become smitten with the crochet bug - I ordered more Noro yarn - this time Taiyo Sock to make a simple crochet openwork shell.  Got this off Amazon - who knew you could buy yarn on Amazon!

Next of my odd fascinations of late is the beginning of my little hand pieced project out of the Moda Candy booklet.

 One of my quilting friends said it was perfect piecing - so guess that means I can proceed.  This fabric line is called Old Glory by Primitive Gatherings - I'm pretty sure !
 Once in a while - I get the bug to revisit an old addiction - needlepoint !!!!!!!!  I went down to the Black Sheep in Orlando last weekend for a class on this darling Ruth Schmuff canvas.  How is bright pink watermelons to get you ready for a long hot summer .  I had so much fun at this class - the instructor was excellent, great choice of threads and look at my new black sheep needleminder.  I did try my best to be a good girl and I didn't bring home any other canvases or yarn but I did pick up a few neat accessories.  It was sooooo good to be at the Black Sheep again.  During the 90's and early 2000's - I made frequent trips to the old Black Sheep shop located in Winter Park.  The owner and I got to be really good friends - she sold the shop about 8 or 10 years ago and became very ill and has since passed away.  It was very hard to lose this mentor and good friend and because of my sweet memories - I just could not visit the shop for many years.  Finally in December - I made up my mind while on a business trip to orlando that I would find the new shop and I would see it as a whole new shop.  While it was somewhat bittersweet - it was mostly "sweet" and I really liked Anne the new owner - she was warm and welcoming and she made me feel like I could return and be happy once again at the Black Sheep.  The shop is lovely - full of wonderful fibers, canvases and even yarn.  Next time I go down - I'll get photos of the shop and do a proper shop post.

Next fun thing I am gearing up for is The Loopy Ewe annual "Camp Loopy"
Here's a short description off Sheri's website about Camp Loopy :
It’s that time again – time to be a camper at Camp Loopy this summer! This is our third year hosting you all for Camp, and we anticipate a great summer of knitting and fun.

How does it work? First of all, there is no travel involved. This is Virtual Camp! That also means no bugs, no musty tents to sleep in, no campfire smoke in your eyes, and no blisters from hiking up the mountain. Just lots of knitting, meeting new friends, contests, challenges, and fun!

We will be knitting a different challenge project each month, for the next 3 months. You can choose to knit for one month, two months, or all three months. There are prizes for completing your projects on time and an extra bonus for doing all three.

This will be my 3rd year participating in Camp Loopy - I have yet to finish all 3 months - last year I came close but then failed on the 3rd month - August.  It is really hard to plan a wedding and meet knitting deadlines so I fell short.  Maybe this will be my year.  I like the first month's challenge - to knit something (anything) with only one skein of yarn but it has to be lace or fingering weight and it must be at least 375 yards and it must be with a yarn you've never knit with before.   Well that was pretty easy for me - I always have a bunch of stuff I am lusting after on the Loopy website and Sheri is absolutely wonderful to deal with.  she really does online right.
So here is my Camp Loopy project bag along with my gorgeous Dragonfly Fibers yarn.

Colorway Water Sprite - I haven't decided on a project yet but am thinking of Blue Whale by Stephen West.  Who knows I will probably change my  mind every day until I start on June 1st.

last but certainly the most important May activity of all was Mothers Day. Here is a photo of my mom and I.  We celebrated at the Club Continental again this year. You can look at their website for their interesting history.  Owned by the family who started Palmolive - it is a lovely old estate home turned private club on the banks of the St Johns River in Orange Park - only a few blocks from my home - we enjoy it often for special occasions.

My sweet folks - today is actually my dad's birthday and we'll be back there tomorrow night for his birthday celebration.  As some of you know - he is the real stitcher in our family - I show his finishes from time to time - he has completed more huge projects in the past 15 years or so than I have in my whole life. Currently he is working on Sonne Spotte by Long Dog and WOW is it ever gorgeous.

A parting shot of my  dear mom by the huge entryway gate.  With each passing year she becomes more precious to me plus it's great having your mother for your best friend.

I'm going to leave you with that dear friends.