Tuesday, December 01, 2020


How can this many months have gone by without my venturing back to blogland to visit? August was a good month, we had a long 10 day vacation to the No Ga. and Smokey Mountains in Tenn with my folks. Mom had a birthday we celebrated on the trip. **edited to say that my photos are all at the bottom of the post. The photo of my dear husband was taken on his birthday in November. It was a terribly hot summer in the deep south. September was pretty normal, nothing too exciting with me. I just can't believe it's been so long since I posted. I have missed being in blogland but frankly when I started having trouble posting I thought I was going to have to give up my decade plus blog. BOOOOOO that would be hateful! I've "met" so many wonderful people blogging, some have quit blogging but I still see on Facebook. I finished all 3 of my Camp Loopy challenges for this year, YAY ME! I got a pretty skein of Wollmiese fingering yarn and some stitch markers from Loopy for my completion. OK I'm still having trouble but I'm going forward this time. I can't see my photos I've uploaded only this code type stuff. The skein of Wollmiese is at the bottom of the list of photos. The finished shawl is my camp loopy for August the in progress shawl is Rockpooling by Helen Steward that I got while on vacation in August. I'm almost done. I am always knitting a lot and have been stitching and finishing a few things trying to get my EGA chapter challenge completed by this Saturday. The inside and outside of the blue jewelry case was a gift for my mom;s AUgust birthday. It was a Mindy canvas and was done in mostly silks. my sweet bunny rug finish is upside down dang it all ! I am about to try a new way of binding which is really more like binding a quilt I'm told. I'm hoping to give that a start tonight since it's quite cold here in the deep south. Yes, I'm wrapped in a yummy wool shawl here in my office overlooking the gorgeous sunset over the river. Oh and the little witch hat is one of my challenge finishes. I'll come back soon before Christmas and show more - I'm sorry this is so discombulated but just lucky to eek out a post. If anyone is still out there reading my blog - I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are looking forward to a lovely peaceful holiday season.