Monday, December 30, 2019


The end of December already.  How can Christmas be over ????  I am always so sad to see it end.  It never seems to be long enough.  I think many people have those sentiments but some are probably glad to see life return to normal.  I just love the lights, music and guilt free sweets.  I'll pay for that I'm sure. 

In addition to the year being almost over - the DECADE is almost over WOW - now that is a scary thought for sure. Do you make extra important resolutions for the new decade?  not me - I don't do resolutions any more - I never kept them and it made me upset to be failing at yet another endeavor. I've been the same weight for 10 or 15 years so that isn't changing, I love my job and hope to retire here one day so that isn't changing I hope, I am happy with my husband and that isn't changing.  I love all my needlework and knitting and only regret that I don't have more time or spend more time rug hooking.  I adore rug hooking but I just seem to do less and less each year.  Off the Ocean rug camp is coming up next month and I have one completed item being finished - hope it's done in time to display at the exhibit.  It's been a dry spell - about 3 years since I had a finish to display.

As we do every year - we spent Christmas at my parents lake house.  My mom redid her mantle this year and it was so pretty with the 4 Shepherds Bush stockings my dad stitched for us.  Faye Riggsbee, Carolina Stitcher did the finishing.  If you need a wonderful finisher , Faye is your girl.  She has done so many lovely things for us over the years or I should say she has taken our ordinary finishes and made something lovely out of them.
 This was my mom's Christmas exchange gift for our duClay Chapter EGA this year.  Again "Faye" finishes.  These hearts were in a Blackbird Design book, maybe had Friends in the title - I don't remember.  We found the handwoven basket on one of our antiquing excursions in the NC mountains earlier this summer.  We have so much fun making our gifts special for our friends in EGA.
 This was my EGA exchange  - it was from the BBD book Ooh La La that just came out this years market.  I used the called for linen and it is lined with lovely French General fabric.  I used Gloriana silk to stitch with and Gloriana ribbons too.  It was beautifully finished by DF Devon who has both a floss tube now and a blog.  Cottage on Cherry Creek.  I set up a link to her first floss tube if you want to check her out.  She also has a great Etsy shop Strawberrylane with handmade bags, needleminders, floss tags and so forth.  I keep nagging her to post her Deliciously Dyed by Devon linen on her shop but I'm sure her time is too limited.  Anyway - I'm thrilled with the finish and a DF got my bag in the exchange so all is right with the world.
 had an exciting needlepoint finish at the end of the season.  This is Onward Ho by Mile High Princess.  A stitch guide came with the canvas but I made lots of changes, mainly in his suit, antlers, background. Even had to buy one of those fancy hot fix gun thingy's so I could affix Rudolphs crystal nose.   DF Linda K finished for me into a flat fold stand up for me.  She is getting to be quite the finisher.
 Here's the back - I think the fabric was just perfect.  I know I will treasure him for many seasons to come.
 Merry Christmas to me !  This was a kit I ordered on Christmas Eve from 4 Purls yarn shop in Winter Haven Fl.  I order a lot from this shop but its not close to me.  I have visited the shop twice and I'm thankful it's too far because I would be in big trouble.  It's a family owned business - the parents and their 2 girls work in the shop.  the girls dye a line of yarn called Emma's - they are big time now with shops all over the country clambering to be able to stock their yarn.  This is a special Mystery Knit A Long by Nomadic Knits called 12 days of Knitmas.  Fun fun !  I chose a Christmas type colorway and know if I stick with it - I'll be able to wear it this winter or next for sure.
 Other fun project on the needles is the Genner cowl by Arne and Carlos, A Norwegian design team with a successful you tube channel. It's  a Rowan design using Rowan Cotton Cashmere.  I haven't touched fair isle knitting in probably 20 or more years but I am really enjoying it and I guess maybe I will have to dust off that Alice Starmore vest kit and get it going while I'm all brushed up on fair isle.
 Lastly for this picture parade is Suburban by Joji.  This was a model in our LYS The Craft House which is in northern St Johns County.  This yarn is Leading Men which I was not familiar with.  It doesn't look like much in this photo.  It's a very long fairly narrow wrap style shawl.  I am finally out of this lace section - I almost gave it up more than once.  I am a very lazy knitter and having to tink back too many times is not in my wheelhouse.  I'm now in a very relaxed striping section so onward I go.  Next post I'll have an updated photo to show.  I'm using a Leading Men gradient and also an Emma's neutral because I thought I needed one and there is also a very busy overdyed skein I plan to use.  The original pattern only had 3 colors and I should have stuck to that but alas more is better right!  Not in all cases and I think I'll save the gradient for the striped sections and try and use the 3 main colors for the rest.  AHHHH adventures in knitting - I guess that is what I am most happy doing.
Seems like blog readership or maybe just commenting is down.  I hate to give up my blogging.  I just don't get the same feeling from the million Facebook posts I waste a lot of time reading and looking thru.  Thankfully most of them are for needlework and not for knitting.  I need to really limit my time on FB or it sucks up my whole evening when I could be stitching or knitting.  I have some lofty goals for my EGA chapter challenge this year.  I was so happy to finish 7 out of my 8 pledges for finishes in 2019.  The Onward Ho and the French sampler bag were the last 2.

I feel like I have formed long enduring friendships thru my blog and thru others blogs.  If you read my blog please take a minute to comment - I really do read them and love hearing from you.  If you have a blog too - I hope I am remembering to visit you and comment too.  Well friends - I'll get back to my Christmas music on Pandora, have a toast for the new year be it eggnog, wine, champagne or your favorite tea or latte.  Just take a moment to pause and be thankful for all you have in your life. 
Many happy stitches to you all - let's make the next decade GREAT !