Saturday, May 21, 2016


Hello blog friends !

Who can believe May is more than half over and Memorial Day weekend is upon us !  It's been a whole month since I have updated my blog and I've been really busy lately so that is my excuse.

I updated my blog and refreshed for the patriotic season.  The Old Glory in my blog header is by Little House Needlework and the wonderful finishing was done for me by Vonna - The Twisted Stitcher.  Vonna did a wonderful flat finish stand up and I'll show you another wonderful LHN design she finished for me.  I know Vonna is uber busy with her family of teenagers and her own stitching and finishing business not of least her wonderful work for her church.  What a super person who I admire a lot.

What have I been doing - well not a whole lot.  Just a lot of this and that.  Our rug guild held it's annual hook in last weekend - I didn't get any photos of the event but I do have a little hooking, knitting and stitching progress to show you.

Let's start off with a piece my dad stitched.  Sonne Spotte by Long Dog.  WOW - what a stunning finish this is.  My mom and I picked framing for it and I think it came out really great and guess what - it's hanging in my living room !

 I think the frame is just perfect !  the palettes (sequins)   are really stunning and add a lot to the piece.
Stitched in DMC on the sparkly Belfast linen called for in the chart.  He did a super job as always.
 Here is my Old Glory - so cute and so expertly finished by Vonna
I like the fabric she used on the back of the stand up. 

She also finished No Pole Express for me - also by LHN.  LOVE LOVE this finish, I had seen her use this on someone's else's piece and knew when I finished mine I wanted it done this way.

 This is the Kathy Rees SAL that I am doing with the duClay Chapter EGA.  I am enjoying it very much.  It is an exclusive with Tomorrows Heirlooms and is the Elements series of 4 pieces.  This is the first one called Earth.  I love the colors.
Haven't really been doing too much knitting this year but this is Truffle by Meg Gadsbey in Australia
 I did another design of Meg's called Big Blue and actually it resides with Ms. Vonna these days and keeps her shoulders warm.  This design has been a great mindless project.  I used Malabrigo Mechita - the first time I'd used this yarn  and the color is English Rose.  I am closing in on a finish but it's hard to tell all scrunched up on the needle.
Yep - it's Camp Loopy time with The Loopy Ewe.  I can't believe it's my 5th year participating in Camp Loopy.  You can read about it in Sheri's blog post if you are interested.  Basically you have a new challenge every month of the summer.  You must complete your project between June 1 and June 30th and be within the project guidelines for yardage and other specifications.

Here is my project 1 yarn.  I usually try to use a "new to me" yarn for camp.  That is just another way of challenging myself with this.  Last year I pooped out and didn't finish the 3rd challenge - it was a big disappointment and I was so ashamed and depressed about it - I didn't knit for many weeks.  I hope to not get that hung up about it this year but I do intend to do my very best with the challenge and finish strong this year.  I have a group of friends - the Bee Eyes who do this together every year - it's helps keep us focused and motivated during camp.  Haven't quite settled on my project but I'll be sailing to Lace Lagoon in my challenge.

One last photo - this is my tangled bunny hooked piece.  This is almost 1/2 finished but I am ready to put it away for the summer and get out some other projects.  The background is a lovely deep maroon with black overtones and the dyeing was done by Dianne Kelly of the Woolen Cottage in Hiram OH.

Hope all my friends in the US have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend planned.  Lots of my friends are vacationing and setting out on wonderful trips to faraway places.  We'll be going for our long weekend at the beach soon and I'll be back again before then I hope.  Keep the winds in your sails Mateys!