Thursday, June 30, 2011


Well well - finally a finish - the Hare rug is complete. It is a gift for DF Anne Marie - the same dear friend who made the gorgeous crayon box jackets for my mom and I. She is uncertain exactly how she wants to use or display Momma Hare and her bunny babies so I'll try to show another photo of it when it is completely done.

This design was adapted from a freebie by Paulette Stewart of Plum Street Samplers - with her permission it was transferred to linen rug canvas.  It is hooked with cuts 4,5,6.  This little rug has been thru a lot - I pulled out about 1/4 of the original backround I started hooking in which was a very pale aqua - so pale that when I got to Momma bunny - she faded right into the backround - AAACCKK - didn't notice it right away because chocolate boy bunny looked great.  So I pulled all that out and started with the pretty sky blue backround - then I got to Momma Hare and her dress faded into the blue backround - another pitfall which had to be corrected.  Then as I'm hooking along I began to panic that I was not going to have enough backround to finish - since this was something I pulled from stash - EEECCKKK - there was no more.  So I finished with just a few strips to spare.  I think it is darling and in spite of the couple of snafus it has been fun to hook.  So - I am busy trying to decide what my next focus piece will be - having finished TWO rugs this year - I am on a roll.  Perhaps I should put my BIG Antique Blue Basket up on the frame and shoot for a finish on that beautiful rug.  It is too big to carry to rug guild so I have to choose a smaller rug for guild.  Oh so many rugs so little time to hook . . . . . .

I 've also been doing a fair amount of knitting in June - and BTW - can you believe today is the last day of June (heavy sigh) I just don't know where this month has gone - truly - time is flying by.  This is a small shawl called Figurehead and is published in the most recent issue of Knitscene for any interested knitters out there.  It is a KAL with the Loopy Ewe - a great online shop I order from.  Sheri the owner has a great blog and is always doing fun things to include her "away" customers.  We are "camping" this summer and all doing projects of our own choosing except to participate in the incentives - your yarn had to be purchased from TLE - if you finish in the appropriate time frame - you get entered into some great giveaways.  The only requirement for this project was that it needed to be striped.  Lots of knitters are working on and have already finished Daybreak by Steven West - that is one I would really like to do in the future.  One good thing about this type of KAL - you see many projects you'd like to do in the future and also what color combinations work. 

I was shocked when I recieved my order from TLE - apparently I had met the criteria to become an official "loopy groupie"  and I was truly astounded with the generous gift that came with my order.  A neat plastic project carrier with TLE logo, a lovely sock pattern and a special colorway just for the TLE by Lorna's Laces - their Shepherds Sock yarn in an extra large skein.  Oh AND a $25 GC for the next time I shop with them.  OK people - Sheri and her crew know how to do internet right - they know how to entice you to order - they process your order quickly - you get tracking on your order and an email when it ships - you get frequent buyer credits which add up to a free GC AND the best of all - they have a tremendous supply of the best yarns from all over the world.  Sheri's blog  is awesome - she even does giveaways on her blog of great stuff - not just junk she needs to move out of her shop.  I guess I sound like I am gushing over TLE but I feel it is truly a stand out in online shops and if you are a knitter or want to be a knitter or even if you just enjoy reading a great blog - check Sheri out.  She also posts some awesome recipes on there.

Yes I am stitching also but I just don't have anything noteworthy to post.  I am back on my needlepoint again - working on the Autumn House - I've been avoiding those hay stacks too long and I want that piece on my wall for the fall season so I will show a progress photo soon.  Samplers (sigh) I am still plugging away on the Spanish SAL - those rows get longer and longer - I am about to finish up the April assignment so now I am two months behind.  Yes it's a drag but I knew it was inevitable that I would fall behind so that's no shock.  My eyes are not always up to stitching on linen after staring at a computer screen all day at work.  Knitting and np are just easier on the peepers - for me anyway.

I hope you are all gearing up for a very happy and festive 4th of July weekend.  I have a 3 day thank goodness - I'm sure we are going to my folks lake - they have a great community fireworks display over the lake which we enjoy every year.  Probably won't get back to blogland before the 4th so I'll wish everyone a safe and happy holiday.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Well - I had to come up with a catchy title for this blog post. I don't have anything joyful to share with you. I can't believe it's been almost 2 weeks since I last posted. Furthermore - I can't believe I have almost no progress on anything to show you - I have been knitting more these past few weeks. I am in the home stretch on the Madeline Tosh KAL "Sugared Violets" I am working on.  Here is the latest WIP photo - there is one more eyelet row and then I start the fleurette border.  It has been a mindless enjoyable knit so far.  the yarn is MT Pashmina and the color is Wash which is out of the box for me - however it is green - it is just a very pale pastel type hand dyed green.  I wanted something suitable for spring and this was the best I could do w/o ordering on line and I wanted to support the LYS.

This lovely lady is on Garden Glade - I got this beautiful linen and conversion from the Attic.  This sampler just says "summer" to me - the rich colors and cool backround - I have enjoyed working on it when taking a break from the Spanish Sampler SAL - also with the Attic.  I had a photo of it downloaded but when I brought over to blogger - I imported a previous photo and I can't seem to get the current WIP to load - URGHHH- anyone else hating blogger these days??????

I hope everyone is gearing up for a very nice weekend.  I wish I had a more exciting post but I mainly just wanted to pop in and say hi and I hope everyone who has kids and relatives graduating from HS and college that you enjoy the festivities and enjoy your weekend.