Monday, December 31, 2007


Is the world spinning faster? Do the weeks and months just fly by for everyone or am I the only one spinning out of control?

2007 in some ways was a very good year. No major illnesses, injuries or accidents in my immediate family for which I am so thankful for.

I remember being so lost and upset last year at this time because of the announcement that my boss was leaving. He was my work rock and I remember feeling lost and desperate however a year has passed and the building is still standing and I am still functioning very well in my position so I guess time does heal all wounds.

Wish I had some progress photos to show but I am happy to say I finished my monkey rug a week ago. What a relief to have another fairly large rug completed. Something to show in the upcoming Ocean rug exhibit. With another camp in just a little over 2 weeks - I am thankful to be starting a rather smallish runner that I picked up from a Texas designer this fall at the ATHA national seminar. The Angel Sampler is by Bea Brock and it is very folk art-y - antique-y and primitive. It should be a challenge to hook all those faces and get the effect I am hoping for and I am excited to be taking Diane Stoffel again this year. She is the teacher who color planned and dyed the wool for my beloved mermaid rug. My next big focus rug to finish is the Antique Blue Basket by Edyth O'Neill also in Texas. The interior motif is complete and about 2/3 of the interior backround is complete but I have the entire border to hook on this 3 X 5 beauty. I expect it will take me most of the coming year to get it completed.

I don't make new years resolutions because I never keep them and then I am disappointed in myself. Much better for me to just say I will try to do something or hope to get something accomplished.

My knitting world is all aglow right now with some recent new starts. A beautiful shawl from the Winter 07 VK is already in progress on the needles in the lovely Colinette Cadenza colorway Mist. I know - it is not a "melody" color but it is very pretty and I needed a change. I have many other knitting projects in various stages of completion. I just finished my first magic loop sock - toe up which I liked doing very much -I thought the short row heel was a bear but I am game to get that 2nd sock cast on as the 1st one fits me so well. Thanks to my mentor Corrina for sticking by me and encouraging me on the magic loop technique.

My stitching world is filled with many WIP's and even more UFOs - I hope to get into organizing my stash in early 2008 and seeing what I can sell,give or throw away. Some of my friends are organizing and downsizing their stash like crazy women so it makes me feel like I am missing something - there must be some hidden pleasure in ditching this stuff -

Also have a needlepoint workshop in early 2008 with a national teacher from California. David McCaskill is coming to teach a 2 day workshop for our local ANG guild - I am working on an existing McCaskill project that I started several years ago at a fave shop downstate but of course never finished. Instead of starting a new project - I am very proud of myself that I resisted the urge and decided to work on a UFO instead.

Well that about wraps up my thoughts on 2007 and my plans for early 2008.

Happy New Year all ~ ~ ~