Friday, March 30, 2018


I just couldn't let another month go by without making a blog post.  I really have no photos to show of what I've been accomplishing because it isn't much of anything needlework wise.

Work has been very demanding this year with many tough projects on my plate all due in March and April.  I'm not out of the woods yet but several have had successful launches. 

With all my energy and attention on work - I have had little time or energy for needlework.  I have done some mindless knitting and am making  progress on my Rodeo Drive poncho (but no new photo) and my Jujuy shawl (again no updated photo)

I did have this darling needlepoint bunny canvas by Liz that has gotten some love this past week.  I had put in part of the bunny a few years ago when I first bought the canvas . I had put in the lacy top borders also.  I spent the day with DF Linda K last Saturday and she is a great friend to brainstorm and collaborate with on threads and stitches.  She provided great suggestions for the tulips and all the ones in this photo have gone bye-bye and I'll put them in as she recommended over the weekend.  It came out really cute - now to decide whether I will tackle the finishing or I'll  send it to a finisher.

What do you think of the easter eggy colored chevron fabric?   I think it would be great for backing fabric.

 Sure would hate to ruin it but I haven't ruined anything yet.  May not be as slick as a pro but my finishing is improving and I would like to keep challenging myself.

I hope if any of my blogs friends are still out there reading my neglected blog - that you all have a blessed Easter, don't eat too many chocolate bunnies and better yet - spend some time with a needle "stitching" on your bunnies and chicks !!!