Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Happy upcoming Thanksgiving to all my US blog friends !  I updated my blog face which I should have done at the beginning of November instead of the end - oh well - I never seem to be on time for anything.

The bird in my blog header is a distelfink not a turkey - but he looks enough like a turkey that he can pose as one this year.

I wanted to show you a few finishes - yep FINISHES ! and for my knitting friends - a shot of the only thing I have been knitting lately.  This is Solace by a Finnish designer Janino - you can find the pattern on Ravelry.  It is knit with two yarns I have never knit with before Rowan Fine Tweed is the barley color and Shibui Pebble is the dark green.  They are lovely together even though the Pebble is quite fine - I would say a very light fingering.  In Janino's pattern - she recommends using a fingering and a lace weight together to make a light wrap.  it is a fun and easy pattern.

This is a darling ornament that my mom stitched from the 2013 JCS Christmas issue.  *I* did the finishing.  I am quite proud of it even though it's not up to a "Faye" quality finish - it was still rewarding to accomplish since I am definitely NOT a finisher. 

This is the back of the ornament.  I put the little bell on his hat and a bigger bell on the back.  The cording is twisted bakers twine which I found at Joann's.  It wasn't exactly what I wanted but it worked out OK.
The big news flash is that I finished my Autumn House.  It's off to the framers in hopes that it will be ready in 2 weeks to display at our EGA chapters Christmas luncheon and annual exhibit of finishes for 2015.  I can't say how proud I am of this piece.  Too bad you can't see much detail.  Maybe when I get it back from the framer I will inundate you with more photos.  I'm sure I can hear a HALLELIUAH !  she's done!  so you don't have to see any more photos of this WIP.  It is a Melissa Shirley design and the thread choices and stitch choices were all my own.  I worked on this piece for years but there were often many months that went by when it went completely untouched.  There was also a period of about 6 mos where I waited for more of the antique black used in the sky.  Ended up ordering from a different shop and got it in a week.  You never know what the hold up is with certain things that never come in. 

One last finish - this is one of those Shepherds Bush pre-made bags.  This one is Busy Bee and so adorable.  It was fun to do and I enjoyed it immensely.

I might have another finish for 2015 - just not sure if I can focus and get something finished or not.  I have about 10 Christmas/snowmen/winter things I'd like to start and I am trying to focus on Gather a Harvest by Hands on Design but that is fall and in my book fall is over when Thanksgiving is over so we'll take bets on how long I can focus on that one.
I am wishing for every one of you who celebrate Thanksgiving to really think about what the holidays mean here in the US. Take a moment to be "thankful"  for what is important to you and your families and friends.  How much we have here, the safety we've taken for granted for so many years, how fast you can lose all that and be in fear every day of your life.  My heart goes out to all our friends in France and Belgium and around the world where peace is no longer visible in their lives.
God bless the USA and our military all around the world, be with them during this Thanksgiving and holiday season.  Enjoy and don't forget to spend a few quiet moments with your needles and hooks this holiday if you can.