Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Once again - I'm shocked that so much time has elapsed between blog posts.  I didn't want to let June go by without documenting a few things on my needlework journey.  Of course there is more stitching that was done.  My poor LHN Old Glory which was a FB SAL with the Little House Needlework group almost bit the dust.  I discovered a pretty serious error that required pulling out the whole bottom half of the piece.  So I just put on my big girl panties and ripped it all out and I'm back on track now.  Maybe I'll pop in with a patriotic post this weekend and show you my progress.

We had our annual trip to St Augustine Beach.  I had an "almost Vonna" encounter.  We were SOOO close to each other.  She even told me where they were having lunch in St Augustine but we were at the beach and they were in town.  Oh well - maybe one day we'll meet down in my neck of the woods.
Here is a cloudy after rain photo of our view of the pool and beach.

Here is my perch on the balcony where I tried to do some stitching and knitting.  It was WAY too hot.  Even for this Florida girl - The np piece is by Ruth Schmuff - a class I took at the Black Sheep.  So cute and such a fun summer piece.

Here is the first Camp Loopy finish.  It is Melodia - a shawl - it needs to be blocked so the eyelets open up and the edging might behave better too.  I had to get a photo done and put up on The Loopy Ewe.  I've been doing a lot of work travel so I was happy to finish this a week ahead of the deadline which is today.  I've done Camp Loopy for several years now with a group of friends called the Bee Eyes.  So far we are all on track - YEAH!!!!!!!!! 

This luscious selection is for Camp Loopy 2 which starts TOMORROW or maybe at midnight should I still be up.  It is usually so exciting I need to get a few stitches on the needle at midnight.

Last but not least is my patriotic rug by Polly Minick of Minick & Simpson fame.  This is from one of Polly's books, sorry I can't remember which and I just call it the Uncle Sam hat.  It is a good rug to work on at guild meetings because there is SO much mindless background to be done.  I don't mind backgrounds - they are necessary and they can certainly make or break you rug in my opinion.  So careful attention to the background is something I have learned from several teachers one of which is Polly.  I love Polly's style.
Well friends - I hope summer is treating you well and I hope all of you in the US are looking forward to a great 4th of July celebration.  Hope you find some time with your needle and hook.