Friday, July 31, 2020


HAHA!  those of you who are stitchers thought I had something to post about Jolly July Christmas stitching.  Well guess what !  I have made very few stitches in anything this month but I have almost finished the needlepoint project I was doing for my mom's August birthday.  I'll show it next post when it is fully finished.

In the meantime - all there really is to show and talk about is my Camp Loopy knitting for July.  Halleluiah !  I was able to power thru and get July done with a few days to spare.  This is Tailfeather and the yarn is Uncommon Thread Lush Worsted dyed in the UK - it was awesome to work with and I loved the pattern too. It is a medium gray with just a few colored speckles.  Thus perfectly mimicking feathers.  I had to restart my camp project on July 4th as the first pattern I picked was oddly written and I was really hating it so I knew I wouldn't be able to finish.  I had a hard time finding a pattern that complied with the challenge rules of being 600 yards or being a pattern that would fall into the Science lab theme.  WHEEEEEE  another finish in the pile !
 Camp Loopy August is this lovely merino/cashmere blend by Dream in Color.  After doing typical Mel drab in June and July I needed to amp up the color selection.  This is prickly pear and haywire.  WHOOOHOOO!  Love the greens with a bit of speckle.  I'm doing a Woolenberry pattern called Moon Dust.  the challenge is 800yrd or more this month - SHEESH!!!!!  Some years I can do 800 yards and some years I have failed - actually more than a few years I have failed in August. BOOOO - but I'm going to try real hard and might even be up at midnight tonight to cast on.
 Yes this is how every close I am to finishing my oldest rug WIP.    SOOOOO close.
If I just put a couple of hours into it this weekend I would be finished.  I've run out of many of the greens so now I;m agonizing about what greens I can use to finish up and I would like to do a new to me finish on the edging.  We were supposed to have a rug workshop in August but that just got canceled.  Don't get me started on everything that has been canceled.  Anyway I was hoping to learn this new way of finishing the edge with hooking wool instead of whipping with wool yarn to bind.
Well it's the end of another month.  I know many of you are still staying home and not going out or not going out much.  I do hope whatever you do and where ever you go you will find peace and happiness.  I d love to hear from  you , thank you for your comments on my blog


Jackie's Stitches said...

I was just wondering if you had finished CL for this month! Beautiful project and I absolutely love the yarn you chose for July and for August. Prickly Pear is the perfect name for the green!

acorn hollow said...

Well you have been more than productive for the month of July! I am interested in the new binding you were going to learn.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Needlepoint for a birthday present! Hurrah!

Robin in Virginia said...

Well done on getting your Jolly July piece finished! It looks fabulous. I really like the looks of the Prickly Pear yarns that you will be using for your August piece. I am sorry your rug hooking event has been canceled. There has definitely been a lot of cancellations in my world as well. Happy August!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Lovely knitting as always.
You are so close to finishing your rug!!!
Sorry about your workshop cancellation. I was shocked that our retreat really happened last week and tomorrow I leave for a 2 day class. Both small groups and organized by the same hooker. Everything else has been cancelled (well, there may be a class at the end of September, but I doubt it will happen). We need a do over for 2020. I just wish we knew what to believe. So much contradictory information!!!
Take good care :)

henri said...

Enjoyed this post and photos and will look forward to seeing that corner finished!!

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