Tuesday, June 30, 2020


Yes - here we are at the end of June - last day of the  month and the year is half over.

I'm sure many of my blog friends are getting tons of stitching, knitting/sewing and hooking done during these difficult times. I started Camp Loopy an annual event for me at the beginning of June so most of my free time has been spent knitting on that project which I will show you later. 

I wonder how many of my friends are all bogged down mentally and physically exhausted dealing with this virus??  I know I am sure tired of it along with everyone else. Down here in NE FL - we're open - ooops - we're not open - can't help but feel so sorry for these restaurant owners and employees who are barely scrapping by and then these rioters come and burn them out or tear up their establishments.  It's so sad to see this destruction of our national monuments and yes even the civil war monuments.  It's given the haters a license to destroy which is not a good thing. Erasing our past is a very dangerous, erasing any part of history is dangerous. Desecrating graves and monuments in cemeteries is just the worst.  I'm very opposed for many reasons which I will not bore my readers with. 

I want my blog to be a place to see happy things so I'll move on from the dreaded virus discussion but just know that I am praying for all my friends and everyone around the world to be safe from the virus.

The highlight of this month has definitely been my day trip to Thomasville Ga with my friend Jen to visit the Fuzzy Goat.  What an awesome shop in the historic downtown area.  For many years I visited Thomasville regularly and spent lots of time as the owners of the company I work for owned a car dealership there.  So I knew my way around even though a lot has changed in 10 years + since I've been there. 

Here's the inviting colorful storefront !  Let's go in
 Owner Cadence was like meeting an old friend.  Such a warm friendly person.  I had ordered online from her before so it was nice to finally meet her in person.  Mask wearing is required at this time but she removed her mask to show her pretty smile.  I believe that is the "lounge" area of the shop.
 Gotta love those existing brick walls full of pretty yarn.
 Lots of shop models and look at those lovely wood floors.  Just what I would dream a shop I might own would look like.
 Next door is an awesome bagel shop which could be a potential stop for lunch.  However we had scoped out a wonderful historic home on our way in Monticello FL just on the state line.  Carrie and Co. had an interesting menu and was definitely *THE* place to be in Monticello.  I'm sorry I didn't think to take a photo of the wonderful knitting bag with the Fuzzy Goat logo on it.  Needless to say it came home filled with wonderful Farmers Daughter yarn, Addi needles and a few accessories.  When I visit out of area yarn shops - I usually prefer to purchase yarns that are new to me or in this case I've seen on Cadence's wonderful Facebook live posts.  If you want to visit a quaint place with lots of appeal - put Thomasville on your list.  Also the home to the world class creamery Sweet Grass Dairyhttps://sweetgrassdairy.com/ - over a decade ago when I was visiting Thomasville they were just starting out.  if you are a cheese lover - please read over their accolades and hear of their world class cheeses and of their awards in the industry.  They have a cheese shop/café a few blocks over from Fuzzy Goat and of course that was on my list to visit and yes we brought a cooler and yes we came home with a few awesome cheese selections.  Again - sorry I didn't get any photos of Sweet Grass Café or the wonderful coffee shop Grassroots across the street. 
 Also among the activities this month were finding a new vehicle for my husband.  Sadly our owners had to sell off their store in Savannah Ga.  For the past 15 years we have been very happy clients of the Mazda store.  It was very hard to say goodbye to good friends in the store and to get into a new brand.  This is our new Hyundai Tucson Limited.  I have not driven it yet but my DH likes it and I think he will adjust quickly.
 As I mentioned above - it's camp loopy time - long term followers know that every summer I do a virtual camp with The Loopy Ewe.  This is my 10th year.  Some years I have been successful in completing all 3 of the monthly challenges.  Not sure how this year will go.  I seem to have trouble focusing and since we are cooking more at home I seem to be spending more time on shopping, cooking and cleaning up even though my DH does help me tremendously.  Maybe we are just getting older and less productive or less energetic.  Anyway - I did meet the June challenge and finished a few days ahead of the schedule.  For any knitters out there      - this is Budis a biased scarf pattern.  I always try hard to use new-to-me yarn when choosing yarn for camp.  This is Magpie Fibers DK and it is a merino/cashmere blend - truly glorious yarn I would use again.  I am very pleased with the result although my DH sure has his eye on it.  I could see it being a manly accessory.  We might have to have joint custody!
 Next up for July - A new to me yarn Uncommon Thread Lush worsted.  Its a gray color with a mult-color splash of specs but so subdued it doesn't really qualify for a "speckle" in my book.  I am making a shawl called Fly Forward. by Veera.  It was hard not to get red as the model is sooooo striking and red is a good winter color.  So if I am up at midnight tonight - I will cast on for the July challenge.  Wish me luck on knitting 690 yards in a month.  Last month I did 500 yards.
So that about wraps up my June news.  I did very little stitching.  I am starting the HATS SAL for Jane Fiddes for any stitching friends out there.  WHY?  not sure - peer pressure from friends no doubt LOL !  and you know who you are (Jackie!) I have accumulated the chart, several choices of linen and about 1/2 the silks needed for the first part of the chart.  I will not be doing any stitching to speak of or blog about all summer long.

I hope this email finds you well and happy and I would love to know how you are spending your summer free time.  Hugs and be well !


Jackie's Stitches said...

the Fuzzy Goat looks like a delightful shop! I love your Camp Loopy project but was shocked that you said Jody might want it. The colors are not him at all! Ha! I hope he's enjoying this new wheels!

I am SO HAPPY to enable! Looking forward to a 7/4 start on Jane.

acorn hollow said...

It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time. I just finished the first book I have read during this whole thing. I just could not settle to read.
But I have been cooking and hooking. I try to shop every 2 to 3 weeks and hit a small store for milk etc.

Robin in Virginia said...

Good morning to you! Your Camp Loopy project looks awesome and I can understand why it might require joint custody. The gray yarn for your next project looks incredible. It sounded like you had a good trip/time at the Fuzzy Goat. If I were a traveler, I would put that town on my list. What lovely new wheels for your husband; hope he will enjoy it! Wishing you a wonderful July!

Rugs and Pugs said...

You may not blog often, Mel, but when you do it is a real treat.
So happy you were able to get away. It feels wonderful to do something "normal", doesn't it? I feel the same way you do about what is happening to this great nation of ours. It is sad and scary and not how I picture America. We are the land of opportunity if you choose to accept it. Rioting, looting and destroying this land does not earn you respect. Just the opposite. The killing of George Floyd was horrific...everyone agrees, but if black lives mattered so much why is black on black crime not being addressed? The BLM movement is destroying black neighborhoods. What about the retired black officer who was killed in the rioting? Didn't his life matter? They are only hurting themselves.
OK. Off my soapbox now :)
Happy 4th to you and Jody.

Margaret said...

That yarn shop looks wonderful! Farmer's Daughter fibers yarn seems so nice -- I want to try it sometime. Love your scarf finish -- it's so pretty! Hope you manage to keep up with Camp Loopy! I always enjoy seeing what you make. I do think it's hard to keep focus on anything during these times. I hope that you can find some comfort in your crafting.

Pimenta Mais Doce said...

Hey love! i LOVED your post and your blog!
Hope you are well <3
i already followed and i want to invite you to visit and follow mine too <3