Friday, May 28, 2010


I hope everyone in the US is celebrating our freedom with family and friends this weekend.  Many of you are off on trips and many are staying home and enjoying cook outs and beaches and maybe just staying out of the heat and catching up on movies and handwork.  I'll be doing a little of all of the above except traveling - for many years we always took a short trip up the mountain in North GA over Memorial Day weekend - I think next year we may just revisit our past haunts and do that again. We started thinking about it much too late to make plans and reservations and that area is certainly busy on holiday weekends.

Last weekend our sampler guild met after a long absence.  It took a while to find another location to meet after the Olde Green Cupboard closed.  We met at a local library and everyone seemed to enjoy seeing each other.  Some great projects were underway and I thought I would take a few photos to share with you. 

We started a guild SAL a few months ago on the Vierlande sampler which was published in SANQ.  DF Henrietta has finished hers and was it a WOWZER!  It is stitched on 40ct (vintage buttercream I think) with DMC.  Mom and I are working on this too and Mom has more done than I do but she is still in the alphabets and I am only on row 3 - I haven't worked it on it in a while as I am trying hard to focus on Where the Heart Lives.  I think Karen is also working on this but I did not get an update from her when she visited me earlier this month.  Great job Henri !

Also from Henri is this lovely WIP Hannah Horsfall - repro'd by DF Karen aka The Spinning Monkey - I think the linen is 40ct -  Lakeside Homespun but I'm not positive on that and it is in DMC. This is a gorgeous Ackworth and Henri is getting down to the last few motifs on it.  I see another BIG finish on the horizon.

Kerrie does a 10 hour rotation on her projects.  She has a number of really big samplers like Jane Rees, Where the Hart Live and Charlotte Clayton on the go. Here is a WIP of her gorgeous Providence by Brenda Keyes.  Wish I had gotten a shot of Jane Rees- she is on the bottom portion on this beautiful red Bristol Orphanage sampler.

Last but certainly not least is Linda's PAPA sampler.  I think she is using 45ct Graziano linen in creme with HDF silks in a lovely blue.  I'm not that familiar with Vicki's silks so I did not catch the color name but it was lovely.  Linda also had a beautiful french sampler called Marie-Lucie in reds on the go but I failed to get a photo of that one.  Oh well  - blog fodder for next time.

I thought for sure I had a shot of my Where the Heart Lives from sampler guild but I did not seem to have one.  So I'll leave you all with a beautiful shot of the full moon rising up over the river as I was sitting in a restaurant eating my dinner last night.  This photo is not nearly as dramatic as the sight really was but you'll get an idea.  This spot is about 5 minutes from my office.
Wishing you all a very happy and fun filled Memorial Day weekend!


Nancy said...

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I hope you enjoy yours.

My what gorgeous samplers!

Margaret said...

What beautiful projects!!! I love how that Vierlande Sampler from SANQ came out! I'm going to have to look at that one more closely! But they're all beautiful! Have a great weekend!

Deb said...

Those are all wonderful projects. I wish that I could learn to stitch on a project for 10 hours and put it aside - would all a lot of variety to stitching.

Hope you have a Happy Memorial Day!!

Katrina said...

Love all the pieces, they are gorgeous. Glad your guild is meeting again :-).

Jackie's Stitches said...

Everyone's stitching is so beautiful.

What restaurant were you at? It looks like a great setting for a good meal.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. I hope it's a quiet one for us.

Susan said...

Melody, hope you're having a relaxing three-day weekend and getting lots of stitching and/or knitting done! Looks like you got a good start on the relaxing part at the restaurant. What a beautiful view!

Jean in Georgia said...

The stitching is beautiful; I'm totally out of all that 40/45 count stuff. 32 is as low as I go now without hostage taking, and even that's starting to push it. :) Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!!

Bethany said...


Enjoy your weekend, it is a special day to celebrate our love for our military, who defend our rights as American's.
I just love seeing everyone's WIP's, what a lovely group of photo's and I know a lovely group of women. Thank you for sharing so much.

Karoline said...

Your guild are stitching some lovely projects, thanks for sharing

Loraine said...

Such gorgeous stitching! Thanks for taking the time share.
Hope your holiday is great!

Raven/Missy said...

The pictures of stitching is just gorgeous!