Monday, October 29, 2012


Happy Halloween friends !  This will be the last post I will be able to get in before October is poof - gone.  I just returned from a rug hooking retreat on St Simons Island Ga with our local rug guild.  We had about 18 in attendance and had a great time.  I brought 2 rugs, several knitting projects and even a bag of stitching projects but I was having such a good time with this fellow I devoted all my time to him.

Long time followers of my blog have probably seen this guy before.  Sad to say I only work on him for several months a year in the late summer and fall then he gets rolled up and put in the red cupboard until the next year.  I am really excited about the progress I made on him - I completed 3 partial pumpkins, 2 complete pumpkins and started the final pumpkin.  I completed 1 partial leaf - completed 2 large leaves and started another.  This rug is finished as far as the color planning goes which has all been my own.  This is a Bev Conway canvas and almost all the wool came from Bev.  I did a weekend workshop with her in St Augustine a number of years ago but she had a large class with 4 people who had never picked up a hook before so I was basically on my own for wool selection and placement.  I had picked up a ton of wool from her so I really had lovely choices.  I am so pleased with how it is coming out.  This is not a small rug - it is about 30 X 30 and is hooked in a 6 cut for those hooking fans out there. The fence at the bottom will be ho hum so I will try to get him finished up - truly I will.

We had magnificient sunsets all weekend at Epworth by the Sea retreat center.  It was mostly a gray blustery weekend with Sandy brushing the south Ga coastline but not a drop of rain which we appreciated.  I really feel for those people in the NE and even for miles inland who will be affected by this monster storm.  I'm just thankful we were spared this one.

the following night - the sunset was even more dramatic - my IPhone and poor skills just does no justice to how gorgeous and unusual this sunset appeared to be.

This is the view from our hooking room - which overlooks the marsh and the intercoastal waterway.  That chapel is just to the left in this shot.  This is the sight of the Hamilton plantation.  they grew Sea Island cotton.  Much history about the island can be found by just googling St Simons Island.

We made a trip to the LNS and yes I did my part to influx the local economy.  I have not taken any photos of the yarn stash yet so that will be blog fodder for another post.

I see that I have finally tipped the 100 mark on blog followers - YEAH ! Welcome to all my new friends who joined me.  I will be putting together a giveaway in the near future to celebrate my 100 follower mark.

Many thanks for visiting my blog - for leaving your comments - I read every one and appreciate the time you take to visit and to comment.  Comments are important to bloggers - it lets them know people are visiting and reading.

Hope all my friends in the path of Sandy will be spared any damage to their homes. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone.


Jackie's Stitches said...

It looks like you're on the home stretch with your rug! Loads of progress made and I love the color's you've selected. Your IPhone photos came out beautifully - love the pinkish sky!

Cari said...

Oh my gosh Mel....I love this rug. The colors are striking. The pics you took with the iPhone are stunning...those sunsets were something else. So glad you got to spend some serious time with good friends. Finally cooler weather has come to my neck of the woods. I even pulled out my handknit socks this afternoon!! Also pulled out the knitting books and did a quick run though Ravelry !! I'm expecting soon enough the yarn will be running through my fingers !!


Vonna Pfeiffer said...

I have simply loved Mr. Scarecrow from the beginning. He is coming along beautifully! What a dramatic setting in which to spend a retreat! WOW! And the photos with the chapel in the dusk sky...stunning :)
Thank you for sharing them with us!

Loraine said...

Wow what a wonderful post! I simply love your rug. The colors, and the design are perfect for Fall. I hope you finish him up soon. :)
Your retreat looks like so much fun too. What a breathtaking view...I'm sure it was relaxing and just what you needed to recharge your batteries.
Have a wonderful Halloween! Hugs to you.

Ellen said...

Love the new rug! I bet you had a great time at your retreat!

geeky Heather said...

What a lovely scarecrow! (Are scarecrows allowed to be lovely???) Anyway, he's great. What a fab retreat center...sounds like it was a lot of fun!