Thursday, August 08, 2013


Well - I have been having trouble with making a blog post for about 2 weeks now - I just get no cursor and "error on page" - I have tried everything I knew to make this work - so here I am - end of another week and STILL trying to show my exciting rug finish !

I have written this post and deleted it so many times - I forgot my original train of thought - however before I get side tracked - I wanted to announce my BIG rug finish.  My scarecrow is finished.  My trouble with getting this post done previously was when I downloaded my photos and then tried to add my notes to each photo - I was unable to do so - so an apology now in case my photos are just all in a row with no remarks on each as is my particular preference when posting.

The other big finish I had the end of July was the Camp Loopy 2 project for July.  And So Are You a beautiful green shawlette using Swan Lake 100% organic merino fingering yarn.  It was fun to knit and I finished just under the wire on 7/30

I am already embroiled in my final camp project for this year.  Greta a vest - the challenge for August was to use any yarn any pattern but it had to be 800 yards or more - whew !  what a challenge for me to do an 800+ yard project in a month but I'm giving my all.  I am using a new to me yarn - Lornas Laces Haymarket which is a lovely 100% Blue Faced Leiceister yarn in a very dark navy,hunter green with tinges of deep burgandy/purple. 

I also wanted to give a plug for my EGA chapter's blog -    Please pop by and take a look at our lovely exhibit that is mounted now at the Orange Park library.  Member and friend Jackie did a great blog post on the exhibit and she also documented our recent "taste of " workshop which focused on wool applique.  I finished my project in this mini workshop and I will show a photo of that also.

Wish me luck on getting this thing posted - I would love to hear if any of you have had similiar issues with posting and can tell me how you resolved things.  Thanks as always for dropping by my blog and for leaving your comments. 
 WOW  - looks like I am actually successful this time in posting and going back and editing and commenting on my photos - YIPPEE !!!!!!!!!!  - so a word about my scarecrow - he has been a WIP and sometimes a UFO since 2007 - Now wait - I have to mention that with seasonal designs like this scarecrow - most years - he was only worked on for a month or two during the fall/pumpkin season and he was always taking a back seat to my beloved Merrie Halloween.  Once Merrie was finished - I started bringing him out more often.
 This rug is a commerical canvas by Bev Conway - 90% of the wool was dyed by Bev.  purchased during a weekend color workshop she did in St Augustine FL in 2007.  The brown in the fence is from my stash but I'm pretty positive it was dyed by Diane Stoffel. 

 I really really love how this rug came out - now the actual binding of the edges needs to occur.  That is definitely NOT the fun part.  I'm just happy to have a rug finish - YIPPEE!!!!!!!!  This is a fairly large rug - probably 30 x 24 and is hooked primarly in a 6 cut for any interested rug hookers out there.

 Here is my Camp Loopy 2 finish - I loved working with the Swan Lake merino fingering.  They use all natural dyes which is interesting and gives the yarn a subtle coloring.  this was a well written fun and easy but interesting pattern.  I would definitely make this one again.

Here is my first attempt at wool applique using a blanket stitch and Valdani perle - it's not perfect but it was SO much fun to do.  It fits my Dovo 6" scissors very nicely.  Everything was provided by our duClay EGA chapter to finish the project and for only $5 - what a deal !!!!!!  We are very proud of the "mini taste of " workshops our chapter has been able to provide to members and guests to introduce them to new techniques and adventures in needlework.     So friends - I am going to let this post stand as it and quit trying to clean things up - I am so scared I am going to lose what I have done and be back to square one.  I've been trying to make this happy post since July - it's not often that I have a rug finish and I have been anxious to share that news with my blog friends.  Hope you all have a great coming weekend ~ ~ ~


Cari said...

Mel...your rug is amazing. You do such wonderful work. I love it!! And the knitting...again, amazing. Your fingers are always a goin' aren't they? Are you sure you work outside the home?? LOL

Hugs good friend - Cari

Margaret said...

I wonder why you are having trouble posting. That's so strange and frustrating. Well, congratulations on all your finishes!!! Wow! Love that rug -- that is a big finish! And the shawl is absolutely gorgeous! The little scissor holder is wonderful too -- fantastic! Looks like your guild is a good one!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

BEAUTIFUL! And makes me want to feel the frost on the pumpkin too! ;)

geeky Heather said...

Wooooo!!!!! Way to go on finishing the rug, it is awesome! I also finished my second Camp Loopy project but I don't think the third is going to happen! Your shawl is beautiful!

Jackie's Stitches said...

Congratulations on your finishes! All are beautiful. The rug though....oh my! My favorite part is the fence. Is that weird? I love how you hooked it. It looks like an old fence with lots of character. I can see that the wood isn't smooth and is aged. Fabulous!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

The rug is great ~ love the rich colors! And yes ~ I've had blogger issues too! I spent a whole bunch of time last week trying to post and it was ridiculous!! I finally posted from my iPad and got one picture on that I wanted to share. Haven't tried on the desktop since! Glad it finally worked for you!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

I love your rug finish! What an accomplishment. You go girl!!! I love the bird in your header too. Congrats!!

henri said...

Mel...sorry about the trouble with your post. . . but I
am so glad you persevered--love all the pictures of
your projects and Congrats on all your finishes!!

Karoline said...

Your rug is stunning and the shawl is beautiful, congratulations

krayolakris said...

Glad you could finally get a post to stick. Your rug is awesome!! Yay for a knitting and a special project finish!

Jeanne said...

Oh Mel big congrats on your rug finish!! I do remember you working on this one the past few years, isn't it a great feeling to put a checkmark in the finished column! Your other finishes are also lovely - great shawl and scissor holder. I like doing wool applique as it's so 'forgiving' compared to regular applique done in cottons. Great post to get us in the mood for fall even though it's still hot as blazes here in the southwest!

Anne said...

Yay! The blog post worked! Sometimes blogger is fussy and doesn't want to cooperate. Bad blogger!! Love your rug finish. It's adorable!! Great shawl and scissor holder too!