Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Well friends it's Thanksgiving Eve here in the US.  I am still sitting here at the office, it's quiet and I wanted to get this blog post done.  I figured if I didn't get it done today there wouldn't be a post for November.

Naughty November - what's that about ????  Well - it seems all I have been doing is buying stuff this month, yarn, new stitching projects, clothes.  I have to put the brakes on all this frivolous spending now that December is looming.

Well - I also refreshed my blog and got it ready for Christmas.  I have been working a lot on the Santa and Ewe rug that is pictured in the blog header.  All the backround around them is filled in now.  I will get an updated photo in December and show you the progress.

One of the things I am really excited about getting is the new DT Christmas Thoughts, my feeling is that it is like Random Thoughts only for Christmas.  I changed the linen and ordered a Lakeside color - vintage butter pecan and there are two of the Dinky Dyes and two of the NPI colors.  I am thinking I might change out some of the NPI to overdyed silks.  Can't wait to start this but I am resisting so far.
The silks just arrived yesterday so I might just treat myself and start it this weekend.

Yarn is such a weakness for me, especially when it starts getting the least bit cool.  I saw a great new scarf - one of those wide ones made out of bulky weight yarn so I ordered up this beautiful Blue Sky Alpaca bulky in GRAY.  I don't think I have ever bought gray yarn before but they say gray is the new black so we'll see.  I have the mag on order as I could not find it locally in 3 different places so I started to panic and ordered from an on-line yarn shop. 

 OK - I have NO idea why my Harvest Moon shawl is upside down - it was not when I imported the photo from my PC to blogger.  SHOOT - anyway - I think it looked a lot like angel wings.  For any knitters out there - it is made out of Lornas Laces Worsted in the Louisville colorway.  It is a gorgeous fall color but of course I'll wear it all winter long.  It was my 4th Quarter Challenge project with The Loopy Ewe.  So I finished well under the deadline - YEAH !!!!!!
Another new toy came yesterday - the new Liberty Hill Christmas carrier I think they are calling it.  Darling isn't it - I put those pretty read scissors in the box - a gift from Cathy at Inspired Needle for participating all year in the Santa's Village monthly.  Don't ask me where those are hehe - they are neatly tucked away waiting to be stitched but hey - I did finish one !  Speaking of Christmas stitching - I am having fun with the Lizzie Kate Christmas mystery however I am still on part 1.  I seem to have too much "obligation" knitting and stitching this time of the year not to mention all the SAL's, Challenges and so forth I have been participating in.  It really does seem to keep me focused and motivated which is a miracle in itself.  So I intend to do more of those in 2014.

Now this purchase was a complete impulse purchase.  This is a project from the Primitive Quilts and Projects mag.  I think it comes out quarterly - it is a great mag and I actually bought it to get the pattern for one of Polly Minick's rugs.  A gorgeous Christmas rug and then when I was paging thru the mag - OMGosh - I saw this afghan, it is like a cross between a patchwork quilt and a granny square afghan.  The pattern used Minick & Simpson wool from the Independence Trail line and boy was that hard to find.  However I did locate it way out in Utah and then I was on a mission to find the Ella Rae Worsted to crochet around the wool squares.  Found that in NM, so I am set to do some wooly projects this winter.  I am very excited about this one - so different.  Can't start just yet - the wool has to be washed and felted so it won't ravel when you cut it.

I also found another great project in that same mag that I want to start right away.  A wool applique mat with snowmen on it.  I plundered thru my rug wool stash and found something perfect.  I hope I can show you some progress on that next time.
Well friends - it's time to go.  There is cooking to do and maybe a little stitching too.  I hope that you are all spending time with family and friends.  I also hope you will take a little time for you on this holiday weekend and do something you really want to do, whether it's shopping till you drop or just relaxing at home with a big cuppa and some hand work - I wish you a great turkey day!


Laurie in Iowa said...

You may have been naughty in November but I do love everything you got for yourself. That afghan project looks very interesting and I'm looking forward to following your progress.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Jackie's Stitches said...

Love your acquisitions! Not sure it's naughty. Looking forward to seeing more about the afghan. It sounds interesting. Happy Thanksgiving!

Margaret said...

Ok, I've enjoyed all the lovely new stash and projects you've gotten. Also your beautiful shawl finish. So lovely! Everything looks so wonderful! Looking forward to seeing your updated pic of your rug too! Happy Thanksgiving!

Kim said...

I love your brand of naughty!! Gorgeous projects! I've got a few projects marked in that Prmitive Quilts magazine myself! Hope you've had a great Thanksgiving!

Beehive Needleworks said...

Oh my goodness...such lovely projects and purchases...rather like peering through the window of Santa's workshop! Perhaps you have a jar of enchanted pixie dust at hand as well? I shall look forward to seeing the finish (or progress of) your wonderful projects...they shall be gorgeous surely.
Sending warm hugs your way ...
Judy x

Cari said...

I so love your Santa and Ewe rug. It's one of my favorite patterns and to see you make it into a rug is just simply awesome. I'm loving all of your stash and ideas too. When you said way out in Utah I had to chuckle…that's where I'm from, so I'd be purchasing from home. I'm glad you found what you needed. I'm looking forward to watching all your projects come to life. A naughty girl is a FAB girl in my book. Hugs Mel and enjoy your weekend.

Karoline said...

You've got some great new stash, I'm looking forward to seeing some of Christmas Thoughts.
Congratulations on finishing your wrap, it's lovely